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Groody Electric

Every day, APR Supply Company strives to put customers first

We are pleased to share the following customer and vendor testimonials with you:

Groody Electric - another happy APR customer!

“One of the best things about dealing with APR Supply Company is that the material is there before my guys actually need it. There is no waiting.  APR Supply Company has my back so I have theirs.”

Tony Wilson, C Leo Wilson Plumbing & Heating

 "APR has been a great customer to work with over the past few years.  They have consistently grown and as a result of their growth, we have been able to expand our business with them.  They embrace technology and consistently ask us how they can better utilize our services to communicate with their customers."

Janelle Nace, Graphtech, Sales & Marketing Manager

"APR Supply is easy to do business with, very responsive to questions and problems, has quick delivery, and is competitive."

Matthew Miller, Dutch Heating

"A solid up front company that cares about your objectives and will help you achieve your goals."

Denny Desanto, CWA Associates

"Old fashioned customer service with an excellent selection of products"

Don Yordy, Yordy's Heating and Air Conditioning

"APR provides excellent inside support, prices are in line and parts availability is phenomenal. Their prices are competitive and their service for contractors is so well honed that we have no reason to look elsewhere."

Gary White,Vincent R. Boltz Inc.

"APR is a top notch organization that has the best interest of their customer in mind and make an exceptional effort to provide a level of service that is unmatched by other distributors."

Kurt Massa, Walter A Dwyer, Inc

"Extremely nice and courteous staff. Treat contractors like intelligent people.  APR is on the cutting edge."

Anonymous;4th Annual Philadelphia Product Show Survey

"I just wanted to tell you how great I think APR is. You guys and gals are a top notch, classy operation. You always send good, informative communications out, and I think your marketing and communications personnel do a fantastic job!  All companies should operate like APR Supply!"

Tim Zimmerman,Sr.-Sales Manager, Commercial Refrigeration of Harrisburg, Inc.