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Questions on Gas Furnaces & Gas Boilers when you call APR

If you need to call in (for Eddy) it would be helpful to have the answers to the following questions:

  1. Customer name
  2. Customer phone
  3. Contractor name
  4. Contractor phone
  5. Equipment manufacturer, model number and serial number
  6. Air Conditioning (Yes or No) if yes manufacturer and model number.
  7. Natural gas or LP. If LP did they purchase the LP Kit.
  8. What is the gas pressure before the gas valve and at the manifold.
  9. What is the Max BTU input of the unit.
  10. What is the customer complaint.
  11. Thermostat installed?  If yes manufacturer and model number. 
    Mechanical or Digital?
  12. Gas line size?  Total BTU on gas line. (Must add all appliances on the line)
  13. Was the gas meter clocked --  yes or no? 
    If yes, how long did it take for one revolution at what test dial (120volt or 24volt) all other appliances must be off. (Click here for instructions on how to clock meter) What is the secondary voltage at the transformer?
  14. What is the temperature rise on heat exchanger (Difference between air temp and return air temp at the plenums) Note on Goodman Furnaces it should not be more than 60 degrees F. (Click here for more info) How is the unit vented? 
    80 plus chimney or B-Vent or sidewall vented with power venter. 
    90 plus 2 or 3 inch pvc. Also need to know the lenth of pipe in both cases.
  15. Flame signal strength?  Measured in micro amps D.C.